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We hit our fundraising goal - thank you!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Thanks to everyone who contributed so far to the Drop Juniors crew. We raised $500 in less than a week.

Other Updates:

Let's celebrate! Here's the image we created for the promo cards we plan to use at HHI. Super fun and vibrant just like the girls.

Costumes are Here!

The costumes are in. Marie is showing the latest version to Ruben. They are really awesome, but we're only giving you a sneak peak. The Juniors have been struggling with getting the sizes just right, but it's pretty much come together. Great job parents!

Abraham has some reservations but is going with the flow. Everyone has worked hard to get something the girls feel good in and judges will like and give them high marks.

Welcome Back Alazne

We had a great interview with Alazne and her awesome pooch. Each and every junior is being asked to share the personal stories. We will be including these interviews in the final film.

Meet Genesis' Tata!

Meet Jesus and his bandmates. He is Genesis' Tata. He is a professional Nortena musician. He shared his story and also how proud he is of Genesis and all that she has accomplished with Hip-Hop. We have footage of the band performing. This was a wonderful interview to learn more about the history of the families. We believe it is the incredible support that the girls receive from their families that makes them so loving.

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